Zack Yusof is a musician, freelance writer and radio host currently based in Perth, Western Australia who grew up devouring popular music culture in Shropshire, London, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.  As a passionate music lover, Zack has spent large parts of his life living vicariously through the rock star exploits of his musical heroes whilst trying to get through the days only doing things that he loves, not always entirely successfully it must be said.

When he’s not rabbiting on about obscure bands and dead rock stars or drinking beer, watching films and hanging out with his wife and son, Zack can usually be found obsessing about his other true love, Everton FC.

Essentially Stripey Top is about music. And about films. And the rest of popular culture. And food. And travel. And books. And one’s love and passion for creativity in the arts. And politics. Everything under the sun. Old values and new values.

And more than occasionally, football – still the most beautiful game in the world. Anything goes basically, as long as it’s original, interesting and coming straight from the heart. 

Stripey Top is also about the lives of interesting people – famous people and non-famous people. Rock stars, movie stars, politicians, aging baby boomers, city schemers, suburban dreamers, taxpayers and romantic travelers, all trying their best to make life bearable in an increasingly perplexing world where the likes of Donald Trump and Theresa May rule the roost. How do these people feel about the world in general? How do they get by without going batshit crazy?  What keeps their intellect engaged, their hearts happy and heads light? What do they care about? Do they even care?

Stripey Top is about dialogue, discourse, free expression and pop culture enlightenment. About things in the world we like and dislike. This place is for the young and old, for diehards and dilettantes. Insiders and outsiders. Amateurs and artisans. Obsessives and the slightly curious. This is a place to share experiences and exciting new discoveries, be it in music, film, travel, life, whatever. A place to get excited about things and hopefully feel inspired enough to go out and discover all that life has to offer. Or even just a place to read some interesting shit.

Onwards and upwards! xxx