Thursday’s tunes: psych evaluation

Thursday’s tunes: psych evaluation

By Zack Yusof

July 27, 2017

Psychedelic Rock, what’s there not to like? It’s edgy, exploratory and unpredictable, like how all great rock music should aspire to be, and the bands involved are usually the kind of acts that make you wan to sit up and take notice either by being cool, strange and wonderful or just freaking LOUD. Psych rock at its best is melodic yet heavy, built on hypnotic repetition but rarely dull, fluid and freeform in structure, and capable taking listeners on an aural journey to the outer limits of song and sound.

The psychedelic scene of the late sixties saw everyone from The Beatles and Pink Floyd to American counterparts like The Greatful Dead and The Doors pushing the envelope to explore the sonic possibilities of their music.  As the drugs got stronger, the jams got weirder, chords stranger and the songs way longer. Sonically freaking out was suddenly very trendy indeed and everyone who was anyone was quick to get in on the act.

Drawing their inspiration from the spaced out sounds of the druggy late sixties, modern psych groups today are combining a vintage aesthetic with new technology and techniques in a musical quest to create new and unique, mind-blowing sonic head trips. Today the adventurous spirit of psychedelia is evident everywhere and in so many different genres of music – pop, folk, shoegaze, post-rock, hip-hop, metal, EDM…

Our latest compilation features 30 tracks of mint, psych rock from established and some not so established names. On the playlist, modern psych veterans like The Flaming Lips, Super Furry Animals and Spiritualized are lined up alongside underground noiseniks like Mt. Mountain from Perth and White Noise Sound from Wales, all devoted to a common cause: to create some of the most adventurous, far out rock music around.

Flaming Lips

Such is the huge amount of great modern psychedelic music out there to choose from that some truly awesome groups invariably ended up being left out of the list.  Bands like Boris, Sunn O))),  Primal Scream, Goat, Olivia Tremor Control, The Liminanas from France….But hey, there’s always going to be a next time.

The overall vibe of this psych-themed playlist is chaotic, estatic, hedonistic, hypnotic, lysergic, sexy, shamanistic, trippy, transformative, total headf**k music. This is defintely a playlist best enjoyed with volume turned up. So sit back, tune in and wig out. x




2 thoughts on “Thursday’s tunes: psych evaluation

  1. There’s some fun stuff on here. I particularly love Spiritualized/Spaceman 3. Have you ever heard of Elephant Stone? They’re a frequent Black Angels tour mate. They hail from Montreal and lead singer Rishi Dhir also lends his sitar to the Angels live. He’s also done so for Beck from time to time.

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