Midweek music: an eighties indie playlist

Midweek music: an eighties indie playlist

By Zack Yusof

July 19, 2017

Moptops, floppy fringes, stripey tops, winklepickers, anoraks, shambling bands with stand up drummers, big red semi acoustic guitars, homemade fanzines and flexi discs…

The eighties indie scene was my musical world, one where groups of fashion conscious young rebels inspired by sixties beat groups, The Stooges and The Velvet Underground and driven on by the can-do, DIY spirit of post punk were striving to create their own alternate musical universe and proper counter culture movement in response to the bad clothes, empty posturing and musically bankrupt commercial hitmakers of the era.


*Photo: Robert Hampson of Loop. A Scene In Between by Sam Knee. Cicada Books.

The cool, alternative bands of the time like the ones on this playlist were charismatic, fearless, precocious and supremely creative. Going against the norm, they started up bands, ran their own record labels, published fanzines, promoted local shows and generally put their money where their mouths were without nary a thought for career longevity, fame or fortune. They mainly did it for themselves and for the kids who dug their vibe and they did it all with a carefree abandon that was simply infectious.

The bands on this playlist, some of them couldn’t play their instruments very well or sing perfectly in tune like their major record label counterparts but their amateurism was just so inspirational to so many budding pop kids and wannabe music-makers, myself included. It was like “if these freaky looking guys who can’t play so good or sing in tune can go out there and play gigs and make records and get in the music papers then so can we!” And as shambolic and untogether as some of these bands undoubtedly were, their music still holds up really well in all its raw and untrained glory some three decades on.

So tune in, wig out and get turn on! xxx


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